What if…
your resources had the DNA to leave the status quo?


Anastasens provides consulting services to technology organizations. We help you increase the engagement of your talent by exploring several dimensions: decision-making excellence, project attractiveness, inclusivity.

Upgrade the level of connexion with your teams … and your clients

That’s what Anastasens is all about: helping you increase the engagement of your talent and creating the best work environment for everyone.



  • Engage talent with decision-making excellence: deploy collective co-construction.  This reduces decisional and operational risks.
  • Offer stimulating projects with high added value by being the partner of your clients’ transformation 
  • Set up an inclusive environment: co-create the optimal conditions to have fun at work, recognition, and an environment open to diversity.
l'objectif d'Anastasens

It is all about creating Win/Win situations

Your Teams

  • They contribute to decisions and adhere to  the direction
  • They are involved in challenging, value-added projects
  • They have the space to develop their full potential

Your company

  • You reduce your decisional and operational risks
  • You increase the quality of your customer relationships
  • You offer an inclusive environment open to dialogue

Your clients

  • They see teams motivated to contribute to their transformation
  • Their time-to-market is accelerated
  • They get high performance 

Retain your talent with a new approach

Work in immersion with your teams to get sustainable and duplicable change


Develop your offerings

Find new business opportunities that work to your strengths 


Integrate an inclusivity culture

Evaluate different points of view to create optimal working conditions to feel recognized and have fun


Excellence in client relations

Offer your clients complicit and innovative partnerships

Excellence in decision making

Engage your teams through collective decision making

Excellence in inclusivity

Create the optiml conditions to have fun at work, recognition and an environment open to difference

An immersive and collaborative approach that works to your strengths

  • Tools proven to work for the big firms and adapted to your needs
  • An extensive professional network
  • A creative space with a culture of change and diversity

Who am I?

As a consultant, I have guided leaders of companies of all sizes along their technological journey.

I am focused on contributing to companies at key points in their transformation, clarifying unknowns and providing strategic goals.

Anastasens was born of the desire to share my vision and the pursuit of my utmost goal: supporting leaders who dare to transform their companies to create more value for their clients, their employees and the planet.

I believe that humanistic enterprises are the future. I contribute all my skills, experience and enthusiasm towards the realization of a better world.


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We are a licensed service provider part of the digital advisor market.