Excellence in Decision Making

Engage all the talents of your team through collective decision making 

Make the most of your meetings

This powerful technique results in smarter decisions, more efficient meetings, greater team engagement, and raises company confidence.

A company culture that promotes inclusivity attracts and retains the best talent in their field.


→ Increase team engagement

→ Increase overall performance

→ Réduce decisional risk

→  Reduce time spent in meetings

→  Promote inclusivity in your field


Get your team involved in the decision-making process


Engage collective thinking to overcome biases


Make the right decisions; go in the right direction 


Achieve decision-making excellence in your meetings

    Come and discover innovative management approaches to accelerate your decision-making and reduce the associated risks.

    These techniques are proven: managers have…

    • Increased the collaborative power of their teams
    • Reduced the number and length of meetings
    • Increased the commitment of their employees.


    No more meetings where no decisions are made.

    No more meetings that require more meetings.

    DIGITAL Sprint

    Is a technique for using your organization’s collaboration tools to maximize team effectiveness. It can be adapted to many contexts. For example: agenda, debriefing, minutes.


    Is used in more specific project or delivery contexts. For example: assessment of the current situation, analysis of options and selection of a scenario when the problem is well defined. It is based on the principles of the digital sprint.


    Address a collective issue: neither the decision-maker, nor the team, nor the organization knows with certainty what to decide. This technique allows to collect the real collective stakes and to set up the optimal conditions to decide the direction the organization will take.



    1. Assess engagement

    Assess the current engagement level and use it as baseline


    2. Conduct a pilot

    Live the experience 

    3. Deploy

     Integrate co-development techniques into your meetings

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